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Resolve Your Child Custody And Support Issues

When a child is involved in a custody battle, it’s a trying time for both the child and the parents. You can trust Don J. Solomon and his team to put your case together and fight for you and your child in the courtroom. Every decision — no matter how minor — must be made keeping the child in mind.
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Don J. Solomon can help you with your child custody case, help you get child support, alimony and anything else required for your child’s best interests. Call 215-883-7179 to schedule an appointment.

Comprehensive Services

  • Custody and visitation agreements
  • Custody and support modifications
  • Child abduction
  • Medical treatments
  • Domestic assault petitions
  • Help during parental alienation

Helping You Get Through Your Divorce

Don J. Solomon understands that divorce is a delicate situation and we’ll understand your situation first, before determining the best course of action. With experience and easy accessibility, Don J. Solomon is ready to fight for the best possible outcome for you. Discuss your divorce case with us today.