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Some reasons why couples divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | Divorce |

There’s no way to guarantee that a marriage will last forever. A married couple in Pennsylvania can have many underlying reasons that lead to their divorce. That said, a new study uncovered several potentially surprising reasons marriages end.

Career choices

Your career choices dictate where you work or potential positions you don’t accept. Some married couples can struggle when one or both parties work too much. Similarly, marriage issues arise when one person works more than their spouse who doesn’t have a job. About 46% of marriages end due to one or both spouse’s career choices.

Housework-related disputes

Understandably, most adults don’t look forward to cleaning their homes after a long day. Sometimes, a married couple can easily agree on who does what regarding house chores. However, some couples find housework to be a hot-button issue that often leads to disputes. Disagreements about household labor is a factor in about 43% of divorces.

A lack of family support

When starting your own family, it’s human nature to want family members to support this decision. But this kind of acceptance doesn’t always happen. Whether you clash with your or your spouse’s family, either situation can doom a marriage. About 39% of marriages ended in divorce due to a lack of familial support.

Disagreements about friends

Having a network of friends can help you celebrate happy times and get through difficult situations. Unfortunately, a married couple’s friends can sometimes cause relationship issues. Sometimes, one person doesn’t enjoy the company of their spouse’s friends. Nearly 35% of marriages end due to friendship-related problems.

Most people assume that couples divorce due to reasons involving money. While this is the reason for some divorces, research shows that only 28% of couples end marriages over money-related disputes.