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Depression can be a factor in divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Divorce |

Some Pennsylvania couples might find themselves struggling in their marriage. In some cases, the struggle might last for years and both spouses might wonder why they cannot resolve their issues. Unknowingly, one or both spouses might be dealing with depression, and this can become a factor in their divorce.

How depression can affect marriages

People experience depression in different ways and because some people continue to function in their everyday lives, they might not even consider that they are experiencing a depression. However, the depression itself might begin impacting the way they get along with their spouse, and might lead to behavior that includes:

  • Abusing alcohol or other substances
  • Growing distant from their spouse
  • Becoming emotionally abusive towards their spouse
  • Committing infidelity

If the couple has children, the unraveling marriage due to depression can also affect them.

When marriage ends because of depression

If your marital issues have led to filing for divorce, you might be overwhelmed by the emotions that often accompany the process. The end of a marriage might lead to experience anger, confusion, sadness, rage and guilt. Even if you want to amicably resolve your issues, your feelings of depression might make it difficult for you to talk to your spouse. While you might be focused on gathering a team of professionals to help you through the divorce, you should not overlook seeking assistance from mental health professionals who might help you work on your depression.

Protecting your children’s wellbeing during divorce

As a parent, you might be concerned with the impact of the divorce on your children. Just like it is important for you to work on your mental health before and during the divorce, your children might also need additional emotional support. While you can offer some of that support, they might also need to meet with mental health professionals during this period.

You might want to explore options that can protect your children’s well-being during the divorce process. But if depression played a role, you should also remember to get help for yourself.