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Social media may create problems during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2022 | Divorce |

Social media use could haunt someone, such as when posts create legal problems. Anyone going through a divorce likely wishes to avoid any behavior that would drag out negotiations or cast them in a negative light. Although it might not seem like a big deal, making one errant social media post might complicate a Pennsylvania divorce case. Perhaps staying away from social media is best during this time.

Social media has drawbacks

Using social media allows someone to discuss aspects of their life, which might make some feel better about things causing them stress. Ranting and raving about divorce proceedings and making comments about the other spouse or the judge might create trouble in court. Even more innocuous statements may be misconstrued. Perhaps it is best to avoid commenting on a divorce on any social media platform.

Taking things a step further, it may be wise to avoid saying anything negative or controversial on social media. Someone may try to use such material as evidence about someone’s attitude or state of mind.

Others might use social media as a bragging platform. Talking about income booms and recent leisure purchases draw perceptions about overall financial status, and some perceptions could be inaccurate. Bragging or merely discussing anything money or value-related may backfire.

Other points about the internet and social media

Social media is not the online venue to address. What about message boards and blogs? Maybe it is time for a deep search of the internet. Spouses in divorce proceedings might need to Google themselves to see whatever else is out there online about them. If unflattering information about someone appears, the person could take appropriate action.

Monitoring a child’s internet use might be advisable as well. Sometimes, a young one could repeat things a parent said or posts concerning material.